Are You a Self-Aware Business Leader?

Are You a Self-Aware Business Leader?

The challenge of living fully is that it requires more than simply changing your behavior. It demands that you question your values, think about the quality of your relationships, and have the courage to confront your doubts and fears.

The mindfulness required to live fully, and the importance of taking the time for self-reflection, are at the heart of many of our posts. To be an effective leader, you also have to understand what drives your decisions and behavior.


Do more self-aware business leaders make better leaders? The science seems to indicate yes.

David Brendel, a doctor and executive coach, touts the value of what he calls philosophical counseling for business leaders, a process of identifying our world view and understanding the motivations behind our goals and decisions. Philosophical counseling goes beyond simple behavior modification and gets at what really drives us to succeed, or not.

Neuroscience research suggests the more time we spend on self-reflection, the better we become at it. Having these so-called deep thoughts activates a specific part of the brain, according to a recent study. This self-aware part of the brain is trained to recognize and differentiate between what we have and what we truly want, and to build the mental muscle to close that disparity.

Proof that self-understanding is the first meaningful step to any positive change.

John Christianson
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