Living Fully™

When the Seattle Seahawks’ season started, quarterback Russell Wilson was by all indications Mr. Perfect. He had a Super Bowl ring, a string of endorsements, and a flawless public image. To put things in perspective, Russell has one of the most high-pressure jobs there is, living and working under the scrutiny of the public eye as a professional athlete, not just any pro athlete but the most visible player on one of the most visible teams in the country’s most visible spectator sport. Sure, no pressure.

Saving up for a comfortable and also fulfilling retirement can feel like a daunting quest, partly because it is difficult to predict your discretionary spending needs decades into the future. As a result, you could end up constantly questioning whether you are saving enough. Beyond providing for the basics like...

The challenge of living fully is that it requires more than simply changing your behavior. It demands that you question your values, think about the quality of your relationships, and have the courage to confront your doubts and fears. The mindfulness required to live fully, and the importance of taking the time for self-reflection, are at the heart of many of our posts. To be an effective leader, you also have to understand what drives your decisions and behavior.   Do more self-aware business leaders make better leaders? The science seems to indicate yes.