Creating the Life Story You Desire…Now

Creating the Life Story You Desire…Now

I am a fan of country music.

The big draw for me is that country songs generally tell a story.  In fact, I believe this is the reason why country music is so popular, crossing over into mainstream pop and other music genres.  And let’s face it, everyone likes a good story.

The problem is that too many real-life stories don’t get told–or,  maybe better stated, stop being told.

I am finding more frequently that many wealth creators are quick to limit their life story, those specific desires and dreams, until some future event occurs that will magically free them to continue on.

One particular country song by Jamey Johnson, titled “In Color,” touches on this idea.  It tells the story of how life is lived in color, and not in shades of gray, or black and white.

Using snapshots as the example, the song attempts to express that there are really two stories for each life experience:  the static one we see in a black and white photo, and the vivid, colorful, passion-filled one that really embodies the story behind the picture.

Your Life Story

Put in the context of wealth creators, there are very specific, in-living-color plans, dreams, and hopes for your life.  They are things you think about; maybe not often, and maybe only in those quiet moments on the plane, driving home from work or in the solitude of a family trip with the kids asleep in the backseat.  But they are there and they are in color.

This was true of a woman I met in Oregon recently, who shared with me the clear five-year vision for her life.  Unfortunately, she owned three real estate properties that didn’t fit into that vision, and in fact, they were blocking her from pursuing the life she wanted.

I asked her, “What are you doing today to have confidence that your five-year vision will become a reality?”  (This process was discussed in a previous entry.)

Answer: She was going to wait for the real estate market to recover, potentially 2 – 3 years, before pursuing her dreams.

What if the real estate market doesn’t come back?

What if this is the new normal for the real estate market?

What if prices continue to decline?

And, isn’t everyone else thinking the same thing i.e. let’s plan to sell our real estate when prices move higher?

She was faced with several choices:

  • Sell the properties at a loss and move quickly towards her future vision
  • Sell one of the properties now and set a timetable for selling the others during the next eighteen months
  • Delay her dream while waiting for the markets to recover

Getting a nudge to start seeking information from a local real estate broker allowed for new alternatives and opportunities to surface, and gave her a sense of excitement.

The decision about what to do would become clearer once she started moving toward her goal.

It’s easy to think about all the reasons why we shouldn’t do something; I believe most people are wired to think about things this way.  I surely don’t want to minimize the benefits of waiting, patience, and timing—all key attributes to a successful strategy.

However, in many cases, action is the missing ingredient in achieving the life you desire.

Is it time to take action?

John Christianson
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