Hello Someday: A New Book to Inspire and Celebrate Your Retirement

inspire and celebrate your retirment

Hello Someday: A New Book to Inspire and Celebrate Your Retirement

Highland is pleased to announce a collaboration between our CEO John Christianson and acclaimed lifestyle author Kobi Yamada on Hello Someday, a new book to inspire and celebrate your retirement.

Whether you are retiring or moving into a new phase after a significant wealth event, Hello Someday is a great resource for reflection and inspiration. Packed with thought provoking questions and out of the box ideas, the book echoes Highland’s core value of Living Fully. 

Highland has always been devoted to helping high net worth individuals buy back their time so the wealth they accumulate becomes a tool for freedom, independence, expression of personal interests and deeply held values.

As John says, “Sometimes a lack of clarity keeps us stuck. You cannot live your life to its fullest if you do not have a clear picture of what that means. Success does not equal clarity. Many of us simply don’t spend time thinking about what our true gifts are.”

The successful entrepreneurs and professionals we work with have often necessarily been so laser-like in building their enterprises that when it comes time to shift gears, questions come up. Well, what are my dreams, goals and values now? Where have I been and where am I going?

“Sometimes we know what we want but just need a little bit of help unpacking our desires,” says John who gladly collaborated with Kobi, synthesizing Kobi’s signature gift for inspiring well-being with John’s expertise in portfolio management and life coaching. We are thrilled with the result: a book that puts you at the forefront of your journey and helps you bring your “some day” goals into crystal clear focus; a book that will inspire and celebrate your retirement.

Hello Someday has just come out and we’re delighted to see such a glowing recommendation of the book on Retirement Yenta’s blog:

Oh, dear Readers, what a find! Retirement Yenta loves this book. It’s beautifully designed. It’s inspirational. It’s mind opening. It’s a new way to wrap your head around your impending Retirement…this book can be a fantastic additional resource for you when planning and preparing. Ideas offered include planning your Retirement budget and planning how you will spend your time. It’s not a drone-on book of lists, it’s a series of topics and questions to inspire you to contemplate upon all of the possibilities you have yet to consider.

For the full review on how Hello Someday will inspire and celebrate your retirement, visit the Retirement Yenta blog.

We’re excited about John’s collaboration with Kobi and hope you will find the book inspiring. As the book jacket says:

“Here’s to everything you’ve accomplished so far and all that is still to come. Here’s to new passions, new experiences, new adventures, and new ways to fall in love with your life. Here’s to your someday.”

We’d be most grateful if you’d leave a review for Hello Someday on Amazon and spread the word about John and Kobi’s new book!


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