Highland Sponsors Student Business Competition

Highland Sponsors Student Business Competition

Last month, our firm sponsored a “Shark Tank” type competition at Northwest University in Kirkland for students aspiring to start a local business. The Northwest University Business Competition was one of the ways Highland Private strives to support both education and the local, startup ecosystem.

The event lasted two days. Ideas on the first day were judged by a panel of experts. The second day was the “people’s choice,” when contestants’ ideas were submitted to public opinion.

The students were required to create business plans and turn them in at the end of the quarter. I attended the second day of the competition and was blown away by the ingenuity and hard work the students had put into their ideas. I walked from booth to booth admiring the creativity and originality each group expressed in their project. The ideas ranged from food trucks to job-search apps and everything in between.

The other crucial component of the event was the participation of local business leaders. Each student’s booth was attended by experienced businessmen and women who were clearly enthralled by the youthful energy on display.

This was Highland’s first year as a sponsor of the competition, and I don’t believe it will be our last. The event gave us an exciting glimpse at the entrepreneurs of Seattle’s future.



John Christianson
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