How To Be Rich

How To Be Rich

The word “wealth” gets used often and can get confused with the word “rich”.  They are not interchangeable but can be used like they are synonymous.

The point or outcome of proper “wealth” management is so you can lead a “rich” life.  Wealth connotes money, investments, assets, property, and rights of ownership.  (See my previous post on what wealth management means.)

Riches represent things like: significance, family, passions, friendships, happiness, impact, joy, compassion, and legacy.  We all want a “rich” life, don’t we?  You might say these are the softer issues associated with wealth, but in my opinion they are what matter most in my life and they aren’t impacted by how much money you have.

Here are a few things you might consider that can increase the riches in your life:

  • Take the time to visualize the “rich” life you desire.  Write it down because your definition and picture is unique and different than mine.
  • Integrate your wealth management strategies into your life so that it can yield riches. That is the reason why your core values and personal vision are critical elements of a wealth strategy.  I will be talking more about how to do this in future posts.
  • Inventory the results of your wealth management in light of the life you desire.  If changes need to be made in your strategy now is the time to make them.
  • Evaluate the amount of time you are spending on things that don’t create riches in your life.  Commit to making one key change in this area this month. Really.  This month.

We only have only one life to live and so living it to the fullest, each day, is the only way I know how to live richly.  As I said in a recent video blog, I am evaluating my use of email and how it can control and rob me of precious time.  Join our discussion on Facebook on what areas of your life need adjustment.

John Christianson
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