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Jacob Irwin


My Professional Background

I graduated from Seattle Pacific University’s School of Business, Government and Economics in 2021 and began my career as an intern at Highland, joining as a full-time Associate at the beginning of 2022. My role as an associate requires working closely in a support function with our advisors and associate advisors on the client service side of our firm. I take pride in serving our clients in this supportive capacity and assisting in bringing confidence to the complexities of wealth management.

My Wealth Management “Why”

I have always wanted to combine my passion of working closely with others, while also making a meaningful impact, a central focus of my professional goals. Furthermore, combining those values with the respect I have for the complexities and weight that financial decisions can bring to families, seemed to be a cohesive fit. I have since gained a deep appreciation and admiration for the positive impact that this role can have on our clients’ lives and the thoughtful approach our team exemplifies every day.

My Personal “Living Fully”

I enjoy all things outdoors and being active. I am a lifelong Seahawks fan, who doesn’t mind getting rained on, to spend a day with good company and my favorite sports team. I live with my wife Ailish in Edmonds, where we have both lived our whole lives and love it too much to leave. I believe it is important to be thoughtful and intentional with your time in order to capture the big and small moments around us.

My Heart for Impact

I believe that finding ways to be a positive impact in my community, big or small, is a foundational part of my character. I am ambitious to explore opportunities to give back on a large scale, but for now we find small ways to support our town of Edmonds and its growing community in the best ways we can by donating and supporting small business. I maintain a focus on building relationships around me and to be a positive and supportive presence in my family and friends’ lives.

Are you ready to start investing in life fully lived? Let us know how we can help.

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