Let Your Values Lead the Way to Better Planning

Let Your Values Lead the Way to Better Planning

For most people in business, the concepts of strategic planning, goal setting, and tactics development (the outer rings of the target below) are well-worn paths.

Many of us have led or participated in facilitated exercises and all-day events designed to create buy-in around corporate plans and needs for profitability and growth.

Much of this can feel robotic and emotionless, and in fact, it often is.  Strategies and tactics change frequently, communication is necessary but rarely done well, and plan execution and achievement has a spotty record of success.

The same can be true in personal wealth management. It can be difficult to create a long-term financial plan and build confidence around decision-making when goals are often changing—it’s hard to hit a moving target.

In the graphic above, notice that the center of the target near the bulls-eye is your core values. Values are your core beliefs and the internal code that you live by. Values don’t change much; they remain pretty constant over time.

The closer you can get to uncovering your values, the more successful your planning will be, and ultimately your ability to reach your objectives.

We take clients through a process called Discovering Your Ideal Outcomes™ as one way to pinpoint values and increase the odds of being successful.

So, what do you believe in?

John Christianson
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