New Normal, Less Meetings

New Normal, Less Meetings

Increasingly at Highland, we are communicating with clients digitally rather than in person, as the options and channels for keeping in touch multiply.

Email, social media, newsletters, blogs, video chat, and phone calls are substituting for the old-fashioned, face-to-face meeting. It turns out we’re not alone.

This report found fewer in-person meetings are becoming the norm in the financial industry. A survey of financial advisors found that 81 percent of those surveyed met with clients only once or twice a year. Interestingly, it is not simply technology dictating habit. It turns out clients prefer virtual communication.

Not surprisingly, age is a factor when it comes to communication preference. So are other demands on our time. Virtual communication allows for “conversations” to occur with more flexibility and with more targeted information. It makes sense that at a time when we are flooded with information from many sources, we prefer to communicate more succinctly and quickly.

Ben Johnson
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