President Obama: Do You Want to Grab Coffee?

President Obama: Do You Want to Grab Coffee?

President Obama, I understand that you are in Bellevue right now–just down the street–and I was wondering if you wanted to drop by our office for coffee?  If you are too busy I understand; however, if we did have coffee today, this is what I would want to say to you.

I am generally a positive person but lately I find I’m getting tired and annoyed by all of the political rhetoric, posturing, and maneuvering.  With over twelve months until the next election there seems to be an endless stream of news stories documenting the huge challenges we face, the various solutions suggested by you and other congressional leaders and GOP contenders; unfortunately, the volume is only expected to rise in the coming months. My stamina to listen much longer is shrinking faster than the short summer here in Seattle.   

Don’t take this commentary to reflect any hidden political agenda because I’m not attempting to position one.  What I am attempting to highlight, however, has to do with what isn’t being said, and needs to be said: 

I am rooting for you to be successful as President of the United States—in fact, if everyone takes a minute to think about it, we all need you to be successful, because the consequences of failure are too great.  In fact, I want you to be remembered as the best President of my generation.  Your success is good for me, my family, my business, my clients, and our country. 

There are fourteen months in your elected term remaining and these are precious months for the U.S. with no time for waste.  Taking a position that nothing will get done, or can get done, because of a political stalemate is unacceptable.  It would be like the Seattle Seahawks fans hoping the team will lose this year so we can get a shot at drafting Andrew Luck (expected first round quarterback pick from Stanford) next year.  NO! We are on the same team as Americans and we want to succeed now, not next year with a new President.       

You clearly have a job that most Americans can’t and don’t want to perform, but from my “corner” office to your “oval” office I need you to do the following: 

  1. Lead like you have never led before; don’t cave into the negativity or hide.
  2. Be a leader that inspires me to be great and do great things in my family, my work, and my community.
  3. Show us how to move forward as a country without regard to race, religion, or political beliefs. 
  4. Admit mistakes quickly and openly, in hopes of finding the right game plan that will lead to success now.
  5. Do what needs to be done because it needs to be done, not because it will get you reelected. If you fail, re-election won’t matter.
  6. Give America the confidence to transform and once again achieve greatness in both our own eyes and that of the world.  

I’m rooting for you! 


John C. Christianson, CFA

John Christianson
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