Highland Private Randy Lundy

Randy Lundy, CPA

Associate Advisor

My Professional Background

I have served in a variety of roles and industries over my career, ranging from public accounting, creative/media production, coaching and counseling, to financial advising. The common threads have been an insatiable pursuit of excellence, beauty, and joy in helping people. I joined the Highland team in 2019 to leverage my experiences toward one primary goal: helping people design financial plans that both energize and empower them to live fully in the moment and for the future.

My Wealth Management “Why”

Money is a gift – however we come to receive it – and a valuable tool for impact and legacy. Too often it can become more like a burden or an anxiety, when we don’t have a plan or values to guide it. My goal is to help people live with a renewed sense of abundance and stewardship. One of the most rewarding aspects of wealth management for me is being able to reduce stress and give people the freedom to truly enjoy all that they’ve been given. I enjoy the big picture, the details, and the fulfillment of solving complex problems. A successful legacy to me is not merely a growing balance sheet, but a statement of outflow, impact and life lived fully.

My Personal “Living Fully”

I adore my wife and four kids. We live in downtown Seattle and look for every opportunity we can to enjoy the PNW outdoors (rain or shine), good stories, art, music, and food.

My Heart for Impact

As a family, our mission is to be a faithful and active presence in our Seattle neighborhood. We support Mary’s Place, a shelter and safe house for minority women and children, volunteer regularly at our community garden plot, and serve at the urban church we helped start just over a decade ago in downtown Seattle. Being a dad is another part of my impact right now, investing in our four littles and their future impact in the world.

Are you ready to start investing in life fully lived? Let us know how we can help.

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