Private Wealth Services

With the accumulation of wealth comes a host of new challenges, but it shouldn’t cause undue anxiety or stress. It is an opportunity to re-evaluate choices – where to spend your time and how you invest your energy to manage your financial life.


That’s where we come in. As partners in your financial health and well-being, our goal is to reduce complexity so you and your family can make important financial decisions about your future, and then get back to Living Fully.


Our private wealth services include:

Investment Management

What sets Highland apart is how we create a strategy that plans, protects, and builds on your wealth. Using a goal-based portfolio management approach, we provide an efficient, low-cost method to add incremental value to your investments. We achieve this by:


  • Optimizing your portfolio based on your risk tolerance and return requirements, rebalancing your portfolio when needed, advising you on tax implications, and helping you take the emotion out of your decisions.
  • Being experts in the diversification and management of concentrated stock.
  • Reviewing and being a soundboard for alternative investment opportunities (real estate, private companies, creating a new business), both from a strategic and allocation standpoint.
  • Providing consolidated reporting of all your investment assets, including tax data.
Wealth Advisory

As a fiduciary, we put your interests first. By considering the big picture of your financial goals, we help you mitigate risk and avoid potential roadblocks through customized solutions, professional resource coordination (i.e., CPA, attorney, insurance broker), and comprehensive financial planning tailored to provide a single view of your financial health. We achieve this by:


  • Starting with an exploratory conversation about what you value most. This helps you define your goals and align them with the life you and your family wants to live.
  • Creating solutions that yield fresh ideas for personal and financial growth; then implementing a roadmap for achieving ideal outcomes through our Wealth Clarity System™ .
  • Reacting and adjusting to life transitions when they occur, such as career changes, marriage or divorce, children and trusts, aging parents, death of a loved one, health issues, and retirement.
  • Being available when you need wealth counsel and communicating in a way that makes sense.

Are you ready to start Investing in Life Fully LivedTM? Let us know how we can help.