Taking Care of Your Community: Warm Feet, Warm Heart

Taking Care of Your Community: Warm Feet, Warm Heart

When we talk about Highland’s holistic approach to investing, and taking a client’s entire life into consideration, one of the ingredients we emphasize is community.

Community is our emotional and physical connection to the place we live and work in, and our responsibility to it. Community can mean different things, but you could call it a sense of greater family, the one beyond your immediate circle of loved ones.

An important part of my family’s sense of community is Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, an organization my wife, my daughter, and I have partnered with on a regular basis.

I’ve participated in several search-and-rescue van trips, driving out at night with a group of volunteers to pass out supplies or provide help to the homeless people we find. I’ve taken friends and colleagues on these trips, which have all been life-changing experiences.

My wife has volunteered for several years for the Mission’s Hope Place, a recovery shelter in south Seattle for women and children. My daughter was a live-in intern at the same shelter recently.  Highland has been a regular contributor to their annual Catalyst auction event.

We’re also huge fans of a program called “118 Designs,” which gives former gang members the opportunity to learn skills necessary for building a new future for their lives by making furniture out of salvaged wood. Our family has purchased several of these pieces.

Me and my wife, sitting in chairs built by participants in 118 Designs.

Me and my wife, sitting in chairs built by participants in 118 Designs.

The Union Gospel Mission is clearly a big part of my community, and has long been personally important to me, so the pitch I’m about to make holds special meaning.

Highland is participating in a collection drive called Warm Feet, Warm Heart. We’re looking for donations of winter clothing, toiletries, blankets, and hot cocoa. The mission will give away these donations from its search-and-rescue vans. With the season’s first cold snap underway, these supplies are desperately needed.

Please consider donating items at the Civica Building Starbucks location in Downtown Bellevue. The deadline to contribute items for this vital program is Monday, Dec. 1, less than two weeks away.

There is no reason we all can’t be warm this winter.

John Christianson
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