Betsy Cole, CSRIC ®

Senior Associate

My Professional Background

I have been serving clients in the finance industry since 2001. I enjoy providing confidence, clarity, and peace of mind to our clients’ diverse financial lives.

My Wealth Management “Why”

I have always been passionate about the impact each one of us has on each other and the world. Throughout my career, I have learned and experienced the power and potential an investor has to effect change through their investments. As a Chartered SRI Counselor, I am excited to take part in helping clients consciously align their investments with their values.

My Personal “Living Fully”

I live in Maple Valley with my husband, Matthew, and three children. I enjoy spending time with family, bird watching, powerwalking with friends and my two dogs (Max, a spunky corgi and Belle, a loyal goldendoodle). I also attend a church small group and I love cheering my kids on at their soccer games and various music concerts.

My Heart for Impact

“Use your passion to make an impact.” ~anonymous. I am passionate about standing up for social justice, gender equality and caring for the planet whether through conscious investing, the power of my voice or volunteering my time. I hope to pass these values to my children through my actions and words. I give back to my community by volunteering at my kid’s schools and as the team manager for my boys’ soccer teams, as well as helping in the preschool Sunday school classes.