Cassandra Scroggs

Senior Associate

My Professional Background

I have been working in the financial industry for over a decade. I started as a banker in 2008 and advanced to becoming a licensed banker and small business specialist over the course of five years. I continued down this path working with a local wealth management firm that specialized in working with senior clientele, supporting client’s financial needs for another four years. As my desire to grow in this field continued, I came to Highland in 2018 with the opportunity to return to my original roots of building relationships with clients more directly, while enveloping myself in the greater facets of high net worth wealth management at a level of service that I have always prided myself in providing to others.

My Wealth Management “Why”

I have witnessed firsthand what bad money management can look like and strive to create more clear communication and understanding with clients in managing their money and enjoy helping them launch their children in way that provides them the opportunity to build strong financial futures. I am also seen as a “pit bull” when dealing with complex issues to ensure that the information being provided is clear and concise to provide a level of service to take care of our clients so that they may Live Fully.

My Personal “Living Fully”

I live in Burien with my fiancé where we have built our lives together thriving in opportunities that bring us new experiences. We love traveling locally and abroad and ride our e-bikes around the greater Seattle area; exploring new neighborhoods and the random events they may hold, along with spending quality time with our family and friends. I also enjoy bringing out my creative side by baking elaborate cakes and desserts, hosting themed parties, painting, and volunteering, while sharing this joy with others. To me Living Fully means exploring my passions and interests alongside the people that I care about and finding little and big ways to spread joy.

My Heart for Impact

I have always felt a strong calling to bring justice to the unjust, which includes empowering women to understand their worth and stand in their strength for what they deserve.