Josh Harrison

Senior Associate

My Professional Background

I graduated from University of Washington with a degree in accounting and finance. I started my career in accounting and soon realized I would rather work more closely with people rather than spreadsheets. Although I have a strong appreciation for numbers, I ultimately want to see the impact of my work on people’s lives. Comprehensive financial planning was a perfect fit for my two passions. After working in wealth management for four years, I was excited to join Highland in 2022.

My Wealth Management “Why”

The financial world is vast and complex; your financial picture/plan need not be. An advisor should distill the complexity and bring a sensible and easy to understand financial plan so you are freed to live your life fully.

My Personal “Living Fully”

You will often find me nose deep in a book, listening to a podcast, or watching a documentary about a subject I find interesting. I’m passionate about history, health and fitness, economics, psychology, and general science. If I’m outside, I will be playing golf or going on long walks.

My Heart for Impact

I believe in being a good friend, neighbor, brother, son, and uncle. I love being able to support the people in my life any way I can – from helping a friend move to contributing to a niece’s or nephew’s summer camp. I also enjoy helping build houses for local families in need.