The Real Value of a Special Family Place

The Real Value of a Special Family Place

With two kids already off to college and one safely stashed with friends, my wife and I were invited to northern Idaho for a Labor Day weekend getaway.

Aside from the six-hour car ride from Seattle, we were excited to be guests at this beautiful home on the south shore of Priest Lake, one of three pristine mountainous lakes in Idaho’s panhandle.

For our host family, this home and property provide a year-round gathering place for three generations of family and their friends.

Depending on the season, there’s abundant hiking, snowmobiling, water skiing, family dinners on the patio, stories around the fire pit, lots of laughter and games—all happening at this lakeside retreat.

Your family may already have a place like this so you may fully understand the power and benefits of creating this type of family experience.

The location or aesthetic features aren’t the key.  In fact, in the case of our Idaho friends, the little red cabin next door is the true humble beginning of their family story.

The important question is this:  Does your family have that one special place?

Why is this important?

In short, it is a tangible way for your family legacy to take shape and develop.

No matter where the “place” is, it becomes the conduit to share family history, honor older generations, build new family memories, reinforce family values and beliefs, and provide a consistent place over time where family and close friends can gather.

There is no doubt that special places like this one in Idaho require vision, even, …courage to create.  But they can pay rich dividends to your family for generations to come.

John Christianson
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