The Antidote for Enemy #1: Financial Complexity

The Antidote for Enemy #1: Financial Complexity

There is a simple truth about wealth that we would all do well to remember:

Complexity is the biggest enemy of the affluent.

My last few posts describe the journey from success to significance and why so many wealth creators don’t get there — not for lack of trying.  The problem is they get stuck in complexity.

The effects and costs of complexity:

  1. Focusing on yesterday – worrying about the past distracts you from the present.
  2. Planning difficulty – without clarity, you cannot create a life plan or a financial strategy to give you the confidence you need to achieve what you want in life.
  3. Paying for rework – less coordination and planning means higher costs and fees.
  4. Becoming reactive – unexpected problems create stress and induce avoidance behaviors.
  5. Losing touch – as your complexity grows, you tend to focus less on your family and living life fully.

The longer we stay in complexity, the farther we move from our goals.

We all want our lives to be the best they can possibly be.  We call this process of planning and achieving your “best life” an Ideal Outcome™.

So, what is the difference between having your Ideal Outcome™ and the non-ideal life?  In reality, that gap isn’t as wide as you might think.

On a high-level, we use a basic three-step model to bridge the gap:

The Wealth Clarity System™

The Wealth Picture™ = Clarity: Create a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go.  Clarity lets you see the problems you face and anticipate the financial road bumps to come.

The Wealth Roadmap™ = Action: The action plan provides clear guidance, tracks your progress, and includes the waypoints of your journey. This frees you to live your life today; and together, we’ll take care of tomorrow.

The Wealth Guide™ = Ease: Based upon the roadmap, your path is clear and you achieve your milestones, we offer you counseling and coaching, and we minimize your complexity.  Over time, as complexity invades your life, we re-engage The Wealth Picture™.

These three steps — clarity, action, ease — create the antidote for wealth complexity.

Take our simple Wealth Diagnostic™ to get a sense of how much complexity you have in your life.  Is complexity holding you back?


John Christianson
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