The Cost of Living in the Land of Complexity

The Cost of Living in the Land of Complexity

Managing your money and investments while living in the land of complexity can rob joy from your life.  Do you want a bigger house or a new shiny toy, or would you prefer the ability to really enjoy your money doing the things that bring you true happiness?  I think most wealth creators want the latter, but don’t know how to get there.

I was meeting with a new prospect recently, and they were sharing their worries and fears with me as a part of our Ideal Outcomes Conversation™, where we are able to discover what pain points are keeping wealth creators from living the life they desire.

In this particular case, money wasn’t the stressing issue per se; this couple had plenty of money and weren’t worried about their next meal or if they could pay for their kids’ college education.

If you believe that each day is a gift, and you desire to live it fully and with abundance, it is interesting how often we let money be a major block and consume precious time and mental energy.

It was interesting to hear that outperforming the markets wasn’t the key concern for them; instead it was having a clear financial strategy (understanding what they need to be doing to manage their wealth, but more importantly what they don’t) and to find a way to communicate what they want but not be strapped with the responsibility of figuring out how to make it happen.

What they could clearly articulate was that they wanted out of complexity and desired true wealth clarity that would lead to time freedom, the most precious resource to them.

Without time freedom, more money can frequently create stress and confusion with more to manage, think about, and keep up.  It wasn’t the money but instead what the money can allow you to do.

I love easy things, and living in the land of wealth clarity is way easier than living in the land of complexity because there is an understanding of where you are and want to go, a focus on what’s important to you, plus the added benefit of being able to translate the things you can’t control into manageable time commitments and quick adjustments.

What are you doing to make sure you aren’t wasting precious time that could be spent on the things you really want to be doing?

John Christianson
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