Using Your Wealth to Buy Time

Using Your Wealth to Buy Time

There is a lot written about time management, and specifically, how to align your limited time resources with the highest value purposes.  Simply said, using your time wisely.  In fact, I wrote a post not long ago about the fact that you can’t buy back your time so don’t waste it.

Taking a different tack on this concept, a recent blog post by Harvard Business Review correctly states, many people confuse being busy and working hard with accomplishing a life of purpose–or living fully as I like to call it.  Filling our time with lots of important looking activity (i.e. stuff) can be another big time waster because it keeps us from purpose driven activities that create real meaning in our lives.

In a recent meeting with a well respected local CPA firm, one of the partners was describing the value add they provide to clients.  In a world where precious few professionals focus enough energy on adding value in my opinion, I was impressed with his response:

We allow clients to buy back their time.

What a great concept and also a simple way to describe one of the key benefits that Highland strives to provide.  Knowing that successful and wealthy individuals have, and can control, most aspects of their lives through the choices their wealth provides; the one thing they can’t buy is more time.  However, they can pay to exchange that time into more valuable uses.

So, what is your time worth if you were to buy it back?  Or better yet, to use it for something more valuable or important to you?  Don’t look at that question from a billing perspective, like an attorney, but instead ponder the value of freeing your time to pursue the things that bring you the most meaning and purpose.   My guess is that your time is extremely valuable when viewed through that lens.

John Wooden was famous for saying, “don’t confuse activity with achievement.”  Likewise, when considering how you spend your time, don’t confuse hard work with living fully.

Time is a precious resource, and if you have ample financial resources, the exchange may be just the prescription you need to start moving closer towards the life you always dreamed of.

What are you waiting for?

John Christianson
  • Peter Smallwood
    Posted at 14:19h, 04 January

    John, thanks for clarifying the mystery of the illusive time management mistake. Purposefully driven strategies are often interrupted by conflicting goals. One must constantly be wary of goals that do not align with what needs to be accomplished, both professionally and personally. Today is a great time to evaluate if your goals in 2012 align with your purposeful strategies.

    • John Christianson
      Posted at 14:40h, 04 January

      Thanks for your comment, Peter.