Wealth Management: Four Seasons Style

Wealth Management: Four Seasons Style

We just went through a fascinating core values process answering the question:  What do we believe in? 

The one that jumped out first was that we care about people.

At Highland, this value is at the core of who we are as individuals and as a team.  It has such a strong presence that if you don’t care about people, and genuinely helping them, you probably won’t fit in very long.

Why does this matter?

Well, our hope and desire is that this core belief will yield the following implications for those who come into contact with us giving off the following benefits:

We will be proactive in addressing client needs before they are aware of them. 

We will tailor our services to clients needs and not expect them to understand our process. 

Our goal is that every interaction with us will be pleasant and leave clients feeling energized and empowered.   

We will enhance our clients’ lives.

We will reduce stress and worry so clients are free to pursue the things they value most.

We will enable our clients’ to live their life without thinking about money.

This may sound too good to be true or some kind of “Four Seasons of wealth management”, but this is what we are attempting to do.

For anyone who has stayed at a Four Seasons Resort, you immediately appreciate that the experience is designed to be very different from what you might find at any other hotel.

Employees (from front desk to maintenance) smile and say hello when they pass you; they ask how to make your stay better; they understand that they are providing you with an exceptional experience and not just another hotel transaction.

I am willing to pay more for that experience because it makes my life better and more enjoyable.

Is your financial life the best it can be?  If you aren’t sure, take our quick wealth diagnostic and find out.

John Christianson
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